About us

Our Vision
Improved rural livelihoods and quality urban food systems.

Our Mission
To promote rural entrepreneurship and empower farmers through digital transformation.

About Us:
Fresh & Tender is a startup in Agri Food Supply Chain space, with the motto "Good for Farmers & Good for Us". Bootstrapped by Bengaluru based doctor couple with a vision to bridge the gap between Farm & Fork. They have taken a baby step with this beautiful E-Commerce platform and hoping to make a difference through digital transformation.

Dr. Tarun G Murthy
Dental Surgeon
(Founder & CEO).

Meenakshi G
MSc Clinical Psychology
(Co-Founder & COO)

The founders are on a mission to turn around the fortunes of small farmers with E-Commerce backed by real-time synchronization of supply and demand.

Transition from Medicine to Agri was the result of our reverse migration to our native village during lockdown.